Graduate Students

Are you interested in being promoted or pursuing a new career?  A graduate degree from Ottawa University could prepare you for more responsibility and accelerate your lifetime earnings potential.  Research demonstrates that a graduate degree can lead to $2.5 million in lifetime earnings on average vs. $1.2 million for just a high school graduate degree. Start investing in yourself and your future today.

To start your admissions process, contact an Enrollment Advisor to review the admissions requirements, as well as your career aims, college credits, and other professional achievements that you can apply toward your graduate degree program.  You can contact an Enrollment Advisor by completing the request information form.  An enrollment advisor will call you to set-up a Professional College Advisory Session.

Admissions Requirements

  • An admissions application (you can apply online)
  • $75 application fee (Waived for alumni)
  • Official undergraduate transcripts (3.0 GPA - minimum requirement)
  • A personal statement regarding your career goals
  • A current resume of professional work experience
  • Additional information regarding awards and recognition
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation (Master of Arts in Counseling students should contact their Enrollment Advisor for the appropriate reference form)

Professional Counseling and Substance Abuse Counseling applicants should also submit:

  • A two-page essay focused on professional career development. Address how your past experiences have influenced your decision to pursue higher education. Your essay should convey why you want to be in the counseling profession. It should also demonstrate the ability to organize thoughts in writing and present them in a clear manner.
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended
  • Official transcripts of all completed graduate-level coursework

The admissions committee evaluates all applications on the basis of academic background, work experience, recommendation letters, and your personal statement on career development. GMAT and GRE scores are not required.

Some Master's degree programs may have additional application requirements. If you are applying without a Bachelor's degree in a closely related field, some additional coursework may be required.

To complete the admissions process, submit all documents outlined above to your enrollment advisor and/or lead faculty today.