Nomination Forms - Wisconsin

The OU - Wisconsin Alumni Association is looking for nominations for the following awards to be presented during the 5th Annual Alumni Award and Recognition event taking place Thursday, October 8.

  • Volunteer Service Award - Given to an alumnus/a who has shown distinguished leadership and server to Ottawa University-Wisconsin through volunteerism, including but not limited to:
    • Volunteerism at events and/or their community
    • Volunteerism for committees
    • Volunteerism for services to current students such as tutoring
  • Ambassador Award - Given to an alumnus/a who represents Ottawa University-Wisconsin positively on/off the campus and has:
    • Promoted Ottawa University through activities related and unrelated to Ottawa
    • Assisted in contributing to the growth of the Wisconsin campuses through referrals
    • Attended Ottawa University-Wisconsin events
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Designed to recognize an Ottawa University-Wisconsin graduate who has:
    • Achieved a significant level of responsibility and recognition in their chosen field or endeavor during and post earning their degree from Ottawa University
    • Significant contribution to their profession
    • Noteworthy involvement in their communities

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