Gwartney Institute


At the 2019 Public Choice Society conference, a session was organized to pay respect to Dr. Jim Gwartney. Most of the presenters were former graduate students of Jim's; Daniel Bennett, Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa, Brandon Brice, Doug Norton, Joe Connors. The session wraps up with a long-term colleague Randy Holcombe speaking and Dr. Jim Gwartney has the the last word of thanks to the presenters.


By 2030, the Gwartney Institute will be known for its alumni, supporters, and participants who incorporate economic understanding with their faith in their careers, vocations, communities, and personal lives. The Institute will be a nationally-recognized source for knowledge and contributions to student experience, society's understanding of private and public solutions to poverty, and the overlap of markets, governance, and faith. Young audiences will look to the Institute for challenging and engaging education on faith and economics.


Create a unique scholarly environment for the examination and study of economic freedom and social justice and their role in the advancement of human flourishing. The Institute will promote clarity in the understanding of both economic freedom and social justice, communicating their contribution to more purposeful, creative, and satisfying lives. Because of their central role in the interaction among people, social institutions - along with the economic, political, religious, and cultural factors that shape them - will be a central focus of the Institute.